Spring Events:

WAC Writing Contest deadline April 13

Spring Workshops:

Feb 24 "The Art of Using Quotes"   1 pm (presented by Prof. Gayla Mills)

Apr 20 "CMS? APA? MLA? Get those Citations Right!" 1 pm (presented by Prof. Gayla Mills)



Congratulations to the winners of last year's R-MC Writing Contest:

Arts and Humanities, Upper level

First Place: Madeline Monk, “’With Many Proverb Divers and Unkouth’: John Lydgate’s Response to Chaucer and the Knight’s Tale” ENGL 309/Goodwin

Second Place: Martha Reynolds, “Giorgio de Chirico and the Merging of the Modern with the Classical” ARTH 224/Yarger

Arts and Humanities, First Year

First Place: Joseph Hamilton, “Realism: The Critical Element in “True” Stories of War” ENGL 233/Reynolds

Second Place: Tyler Pacak, “Animal vs. Human Cognition” ENGL 185/Mills

Third Place: Paige Weaver, “Understanding and Comparing Various Interpretations of the Muslim and Christian ‘Holy War’” HIST 281/Fischbach

Natural Sciences, Upper level

First Place: Lucas Matuszewski, “Determination of the insoluble starch and soluble sugar contents in bananas throughout the ripening process” CHEM 407/Mies

Second Place: Trang Tran, “Restriction Digestion and Analysis of Lambda DNA” CHEM 408/Mies