THRIVE Peer-to-Peer Success Program



THRIVE promotes the successful transition of first-year students from diverse backgrounds to college by providing tools for continued growth and success through peer to peer coaching, social and academic engagement, services, and community development.



THRIVE strives to:

  • Inspire and cultivate successful transitions to college
  • Create a community of peers that foster holistic growth and development
  • Promote social and academic engagement
  • Empower and inspire students to use their respective identities as a catalyst for success
  • Inspire a life of service and community engagement
  • Create enriching collegiate experiences

Application Process

To apply to be a participant in THRIVE Peer to Peer Success Program, Click Here to apply. 


To apply to be a THRIVE Peer Guide, Click Here to Apply


THRIVE Peer-to-Peer Success Program matches first-year students with an upper class Peer Guide.  Throughout their entire first year, Peer Guides are there to support students as they transition to college. Participants will attend campus-wide activities and become acclimated to campus socially and personally. In addition, THRIVE participants will grow together as a community through bi-weekly meetings to enhance self-efficacy, self-regulation, and to promote career development and financial literacy.

  • Join one (1) student organization
  • Attend the Dream Speak Conference 
  • Write three (3) experiential reflections
  • Attend at least four (4) social events, such as:
    • Athletic events 
    • Cultural Art events
    • Late Night Buzz Events 
    • Diversity & Multicultural Affairs events 
  • Attend a Leadership Development Workshop
  • Attend a Financial Literacy Workshop
  • Attend a Resiliency Workshop
  • Attend a Communication Workshop
  • Attend at least one (1) cultural awareness event:
    • Black History Month 
    • Women's History Month 
    • LGBTQ Education Programs
    • Identity Celebration/Awareness Events
  • Attend weekly Peer Guide Check-in meetings
  • Attend bi-weekly THRIVE meeting
  • Plan and execute a THRIVE Service Event 
  • Attend the THRIVE Pinning Ceremony 
  • Attend a Study Habits Workshop
  • Attend a Self-Regulation Workshop
  • Attend a Career Development Program 
  • Attend the Mid-Year Excellence Recognition Event
  • Attend the Student Success Panel