Voting Registration Guide on R-MC

  • Must be sponsored by a registered student organization on campus and be an approved event through The BUZZ.
    • Event must be submitted 5 business days prior.  
    • Must possess location confirmation.
  • Virginia Sealed Ballots are preferred but unsealed are allowed with a note sent to the campus and credentials provided to the Office.
    • Submit a submission to #RMCLife via The BUZZ
    • An email can be sent out to faculty/staff given by the group(s).
  • They must wait to be approached and not actively go after students.
  • Must be nonpartisan and done in conjunction with the similar parties.
  • Staff working for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (includes students under R-MC) cannot suggest which candidate to vote for or political party to support. You may provide information about the voting process like dates, early voting hours, nonpartisan voter guides or any kind of assistance to help someone register and vote.
  • Remind the voter that your nonprofit (R-MC) must be bipartisan. Encourage the person to talk to a friend or family member. Steer them to a sample ballot or a nonpartisan voter guide.
  • It’s your right to support the candidate of your choice. Keep partisan activities outside event hours. Don’t use your organization’s social media accounts for candidates.
  • You can only answer simple facts like what party they are in, if they’re an incumbent or challenger or where they live. Don’t state your preferences.
  • Students are encouraged to report violations of these rules to ensure and maintain a nonpartisan event.