Poster Printing and Media Production

Poster Presentation Design 
Follow these tips to make your presentation understandable and memorable.

Information on PowerPoint presentation design.

Poster Printing

We offer poster printing for R-MC faculty and student research projects. The size of the poster is up to 56" x 36" (one dimension must be equal to or less than 36"). The cost is $8.00 per running foot (12" x 36"). We print one copy (only) of the poster, and do not print non-academic materials; see the poster printing guidelines.

Training on Production Skills & Tools
We provide training to faculty, students and staff on digital skills and tools. R-MC members are welcome to contact us for questions related to digital imaging, sound, video production, desktop publishing and website development. A wide range of software systems and equipment is available for assignments and projects. See details of what we can train and help you with.

Transferring VHS Videos to DVD

We do not take orders for making a copy of a video. Faculty may contact the liaison librarian for obtaining a video for teaching. We train patrons how to use our video copying equipment. The equipment is available when the library is open.